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Why the Concessionary Travel Club?

We help older and disabled people save money, have fun and keep active. 

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Supported by Baroness Joan Bakewell - the "Voice of Older People"

Dame Joan Bakewell"This is a great idea!

Concessionary Travel means the old get out more, which helps keep them fit for longer. What's more it helps them stay lively members of the community, sharing activities with all ages. That's how things should be."


Go Cumbria Competition Winner...

Michael Emmett has won the favourite walk competition.  

He will be receiving Alfred Wainwright's boxed set of seven walking guides. 

Backed by the Government...

"I support the work that the Concessionary Travel Club is doing ...more "  Pensions and Ageing Society Minister 


"This scheme goes a long way in supporting the Departments' goals of social inclusion and better health through exercise and stimulation... more " Minister for Care Services


“I am delighted .... more "

Transport Minister 



DCLG"This approach is both innovative and bold... more " Under Secretary of State

Independent Passenger Watchdog's view...

Passenger Focus"Passenger Focus is delighted to support

this scheme ... more ”

 David Sidebottom, Bus Director

Supported by Bus Operators

"We're delighted to be involved in this initiative ... more "

Mark Yexley, Operations and Commercial Director Arriva UK Bus

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Energy Saving TRust"The Energy Saving Trust is pleased to be working with the Concessionary Travel Club... more "

Philip Sellwood, Chief Executive, Energy Saving Trust


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