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Interested in appearing on this site?

Local Authority and Public Sector

We are keen to promote public sector organisations that  provide services to the over 60's and the disabled. For more details on our public sector partner programme please contact us by e mail at


Charities and Voluntary Organisations

A wide variety of not-for-profit organisations provide vital services for the over 60's and the disabled. We are keen to help you market your services by providing eligible organisations with a presence on this web site. To apply for your entry as part of our Charities programme please contact us at :


 Businesses and Trade Bodies

If you would like to subscribe to this site for a single business entry you can sign up on line. 

To sign up for more than one busines location or if you are a Trade Body respesenting multiple businesses please  contact  us by e mail at:



How to use this website

Looking for ideas on where to go and how to get there?

It's easy. You can search by category either nationally or by your local Town or County. Or you can see the search results for all categories for the town or County you are interested in.You can choose the type of search and area of interest on the  Home  page - maybe it's museums and galleries, or perhaps you're looking for concessions in local shops. Just select your options then press the search directory button. 

Planning your journey

Once you've then made the selection from the search results, all you then do is enter the post code you'll be departing from. You'll then be given a journey plan showing how to get there by bus or other means of transport.You can change the times of when you want to leave or return or compare other transport options. 


What could be simpler? No shuffling of bus timetables or long phone calls to bus companies from different  areas to get the latest routings and schedules. 

What destinations are included?

The list is growing fast. National coverage across England currently includes Museums and Archives, Churches, Galleries, Libraries, History and Heritage Sites, Gardens and Countryside, and Local Authority Offices.

Looking to join in?

Why not check where the social and community activites are located in your area, and then travel there free 

Want to save money?

You may just want to save money in the the place you are visiting or the area you live in. How?  It's easy - just select the concessions category  and then choose the town you are interested in. We are always interested in fetauring new concessions on the site - so please contact us to suggest a concession.