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About Us

What we do

We help older and disabled people save money, have fun and keep active

How - Through our web site

Free Travel. We make it easy to get the most from concessionary travel. Each destination featured on our web site has a pre-built link to a journey planner. Just enter your own post code to plan your free bus journey to that destination


User Communities . We’re creating a community of users contributing their own library of great trips they’ve made. Want to go there yourself? Just enter your own post code to plan your free trip.


Save Money.  We promote business that offer special concessions for older and disabled people

How - Through our projects

Our ActiveCare project, sponsored by the Department of Health, Surrey County Council and Passenger Focus, works with Care Providers to keep older and disabled people active 

How - Through our campaigns

Our Smartshopper campaign, sponsored by B&Q, helps save money when shopping. Get there for free and save money when you arrive.

How - Through our partnerships

We work in partnership with Local Authorities, Government and other organisations working with older and disabled people

Where we started

We started as a Community Project in Surrey supported by Waverley Borough Council, Age Concern and Surrey Community Action.


Since then, we’ve expanded nationally to cover more than 20,000 destinations with the help of our partners


What they say about us...

Dame Joan Bakewell - the Voice of Older People

Dame Joan Bakewell"This is a great idea!


Concessionary Travel means the old get out more, which helps keep them fit for longer.What's more it helps them stay lively members of the community, sharing activities with all ages.


That's how things should be."


Department for Work and Pensions

"I support the work that The Concessionary Travel Club is doing; encouraging people to get out and about and explore the opportunities that are available to them in their local community and beyond"


Pensions and Ageing Society Minister, Angela Eagle (April 2010)

 Department of Health

“I was delighted to hear of the innovative progress made by the  Concessionary Travel Club to help older and disabled people to remain active and healthy by being engaged in community activities and keeping in touch with friends and family.This scheme goes a long way in supporting the Departments’ goals of  social inclusion and better health through exercise and stimulation. At the same time it encourages individuals to embrace the Government’s health and well being agenda.

I wish the Concessionary Travel Club continued success with their plans.”


Care Services Minister, Phil Hope (April 2010)

Department for Transport

Department for Transport“I am delighted that The Concessionary Travel Club encourages older and disabled people to take advantage of the Government’s popular and successful concessionary travel scheme. On my recent bus tour, travelling across various regions as a regular passenger, I had very positive experiences. It gave me the opportunity to meet a snapshot of the 11 million people eligible for a bus pass and gain a real insight into how the concessionary travel policy affects their lives.”

Transport Minister, Sadiq Khan (March 2010)

Department for Communities and Local Government

"This approach is both innovative and bold, and one that I fully support in principle. I am keen to help you promote the project wherever this is feasible and practical."

Baroness Andrews, Under Secretary of State (2009) 

Passenger Focus - the independent passenger watchdog

“Free bus travel for older and disabled passengers has already had a positive impact on their lives. Our research has shown that not having to pay to use the bus has made it easier for them to get out of the house, visit friends and relatives, go shopping and take advantage of leisure opportunities. We also found that a perceived lack of travel information and general anxiety about making unfamiliar bus journeys were among the barriers to more use. The Concessionary Travel Club’s concept is helping to address these issues and getting even more people out and about on buses. Passenger Focus is delighted to support this scheme.”

David Sidebottom, Passenger Focus Bus Director


“Arriva is delighted to be joining the Concessionary Travel Club. We see it as a great way for the over 60s and the disabled to enjoy getting out and about using bus travel.

We will be working with the Concessionary Travel Club to encourage our customers to contribute their own suggested trips to the Concessionary Travel Club website as part of the Active at 60 initiative. We see this as a great way to inspire others to remain active by looking at trips and days out that other travellers have enjoyed


With free concessionary travel for older people in England the bus really does offer a great way to get out and about and remain active. We’re delighted to be involved in this initiative which helps people maximise the benefit they get from what’s available by providing information and inspiration for a wide range of attractions.” 

Mark Yexley, Operations and Commercial Director, Arriva UK Bus

Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust"The Energy Saving Trust is pleased to be working with the    Concessionary Travel Club. Free travel offers older and disabled people the opportunity to be much more integrated into the community. The Concessionary Travel Club offers holders of passes a way of travelling in a way that is sustainable. It  promotes social inclusion and environmental responsibility whilst ensuring bus services are well utilised.”

Philip Sellwood, Chief Executive, Energy Saving Trust

National Pensioners Convention

"As Britain's leading pensioners' organisation, the National Pensioners Convention recognises the importance and value of concessionary travel and have campaigned over many years to secure further improvements in the scheme. Having a facility whereby people can find out how to get the most out of their bus pass is therefore something extremely worthwhile; which is why we are happy to publicise and support this new website amongst our 1.5m affiliated members." 

Peter Rayner, Transport Advisor and Vice President, National Pensioners Convention 

Age Concern

"We are pleased to be joining at the launch of the Concessionary Travel Club. We have become a partner because we support the core aims of the club - helping the over 60's make the best use of their free bus passes."

Tony Lee, Chief Executive, Age Concern Surrey (2009)

 Waverley Borough Council

“Waverley Borough Council was pleased to support the development of the Concessionary Travel Club. We saw two main benefits - in promoting the services that the Council delivers to the over 60s and the disabled, and at the same time supporting our local businesses.The Concessionary Travel Club has the potential to help concessionary bus pass holders to use their passes to best effect.  It will also help build stronger communities and active citizenship by helping people to get involved with social and community activities and take full advantage of the services that we provide."

Councillor Leonard Bate, Mayor, Waverley Borough Council 2008/09

Surrey Community Action

"Surrey Community Action is pleased to have been involved as a partner in the launch of the Concessionary Travel Club in Surrey. We believe that the Club has great potential to help improve social inclusion for the over 60's as well as helping them save money. By being part of the club we see great benefits for the Towns in Surrey by helping them attract new visitors and building stronger local communities.  We encourage other community groups to help spread the Club in their regions."

Jean Roberts-Jones, Chief Executive, Surrey Community Action

 Haslemere Initiative

"Haslemere Initiative were pleased to host the launch meeting with Waverley Borough Council, and have supported the project from its inception. We see important benefits in the Club both to the over 60's and to towns such as Haslemere in attracting visitors.

Haslemere has a tradition of motivation in helping build stronger local communities and we are delighted to be involved in the Concessionary Travel Club project"

Bryan Farley, Chairman, The Haslemere Initiative