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Individual traveller - how you can help

Suggest a concession

Do you know of a special concession or discount for the over 60's in your town? Perhaps it's a special price at the hairdressers or a special deal at the local shop or restaurant. Why not help to spread the word and suggest a concession

Promote a bus trip you've made

Had a great trip you'd like to share with others?Why not provide a  case study for the web site that might inspire others to do the same?


If you email us at trips@concessionarytravel.com  we'll send you a simple template to help tell your story. 



Contact Us

Contact information

General Enquiries

For general enquiries or further information about the Concessionary Travel Club please contact us by e mail at info@concessionarytravel.com  

Local Authority and Public Sector

We are keen to promote public sector organisations that  provide services to the over 60's and the disabled. For more details on our public sector partner programme please contact us by e mail at:


Charities and Voluntary Organisations

A wide variety of not-for-profit organisations provide vital services for the over 60's and the disabled.We are keen to help you market your services by providing eligible organisations with a presence on this web site. To apply for your entry as part of our Charities programme please contact us at :


Businesses and Trade Bodies

If you would like to subscribe to this site as a single business location then please complete the on line sign up form.If you would like to discuss signing up for multiple business locations or of you are a trade body representing a number of businesses please contact  us by e mail at: