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Secretts Garden Centre image

Disabled Access: Yes

Disabled Toilets: Yes

Parking: Yes

Disabled Parking: Yes

Secretts Garden Centre

Website: Link to their website

Description of Secretts Garden Centre

Bus trip to Secretts Garden Centre from Age Concern, Haslewey.

Jan Allen, the Manager of Age Concern at the Haslewey Community Centre, Haslemere joined 6 bus pass holders on a trip to the Secretts Garden Centre near Godalming.

The journey to Secretts took about 20 minutes on the number 70 Stagecoach bus which we caught just outside the Community Centre.

Everything went according to plan – the buses ran on time and we had a lovely afternoon.
In the past when we have hired a coach to make a bus trip it has proved quite expensive, especially when we have to guarantee a minimum number of travellers. If we fall below the minimum the Centre has to pay the difference. So it was nice to be able go on a free trip without having to worry about whether everyone would turn up.

Secretts is definitely worth a visit – it has all the usual things you’d expect in a Garden Centre, but there’s also a very nice restaurant and a small pond with ducks and a play area for children. If you are feeling energetic, there’s a pick your own area where you can get seasonal fruit and vegetables.

You really feel that you are out in the Country but you can easily reach Secretts on the Number 70 bus from Guildford or Midhurst

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Chapel Lane, Milford



Telephone: 01483 520500

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