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Why your business should appear on this site

Promote Your Business to the Over 60s

This site promotes your business to more than  8 million people  over 60 who have a bus pass. Thanks to partnerships with leading public sector and pensioner organisations you can be confident that your business is being actively promoted by being featured on  this site.

What does a listing include ?

Once you've signed up you'll be given your own business log-in so you can enter the information about your business. This includes:

  •  your web site address and contact details
  • a map of your office location
  • journey planner linked to your business
  • description of your business and services
  • selection of multiple business categories
  • details of opening hours
  • special promotional or concessionary offers
  • up to 3 photographs
  • your own log-in to amend your entry

All entries on the Concessionary Travel Club web site provide a free journey planner link so that customers can plan their bus trip directly to your office just by entering their own post code.

What about concessions?

We are especially keen to feature businesses that offer concessions for the over 60's. Businesses that offer concessions will be featured with the concessionary concession discount icon icon, and will feature in a special "concessions" search category.

Does it cost anything?

You can sign up to appear on this site for free for the first 3 months just by completing the sign up form. You don't have to provide any payment details. Once the free 3 month period expires you'll be asked if you want to take out an annual subscription. To help cover the costs of running the Club there is a small annual subscription charge of £35 per business entry, excluding VAT .


About the Concessionary Travel Club

The mission of the Concessionary Travel Club is to help bus pass holders get the most from their free "ticket to ride" by providing advice and help on where to go, how to get there and how to save money once you arrive.

How we got started

With a Community project in  Surrey supported by Waverley Borough Council, Age Concern and Surrey Community Action.We are now expanding across the Country through partnerships with Public Sector and Charitable organisations. 


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Sign up here for your free 3 month entry on this site. No payment details required.

More than  One Business Listing?

Please contact us to discuss multiple entries on this site.


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